The IMC Imprint of Kohl’s


Expect Great Things

When asked what your favorite brand is, ….it should just come to you, right? You should be wearing it, or carrying it, or using it, right? For me it is not that simple, I do have favorite things that I carry, use or wear but they are different brands. They are different brands that all have one thing in common, they are all from KOHLS! This is why Kohl’s is my favorite brand. Kohl’s has items for every member of the family and every part of the home from a mixture of brands, all at amazing prices. I am not the only one that thinks Kohl’s does great things though. Their social media following is huge, they have fans from all over the world, and Kohl’s interacts and appreciates their fans across multiple media platforms. Depending on the focus of the promotion Kohl’s is running at the time, all of their media platforms send out the same message. Kohl’ is very successful in using multimedia communications both online and offline to interact and reach their customers. When it comes to Kohl’s, their customers always EXPECT GREAT THINGS……

Kohl’s is consistent in their message across all of their media channels and use many of the same distinct images. They also utilize similar colors in their graphics and brand all of their promotional material with their Black “Kohl’s” logo which conveys calmness and balance.  To tie everything together they also use consistent hashtags, links, or titles.

Kohl’s Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube pages with similar graphics:






Along with their consistent messages, Kohl’s  also advertises their sales, discounts, and promotions in the same manner both online and offline to their customers. They often send out the same coupon or promotion via email, text or print mailer, along with TV and radio advertisements to go online or text a number to get the same promotional coupon sent to them.

Kohl’s online coupon:


Kohl’s email coupon:

Kohl’s Text Message Coupon:


Currently, Kohls Is running their Everyday is a Runway campaign in conjunction with their transition to fall fashion. Their efforts can be seen across all of their social media platforms, on their website, in email and text message promotions and in their TV and print ads.

#EverydayRunway on Twitter:


Kohl’s  Everday Runway on Youtube:

Kohl’s Website :


Not only does Kohl’s have great merchandise and promotions,  but they are compassionate and giving as well. This is something I love and truly admire about the company. They make it fun and incredibly easy to help and show compassion for others through programs like “Kohl’s Cares for Kids” or sponsoring and promoting other philanthropic efforts and causes.

#KohlsClassroomDonation on Instagram:


#KohlsClassroomDonation on Twitter:


Lastly, Kohl’s shows constant appreciation for their customers and continually delivers excellent customer service. They religiously monitor, respond and resolve questions and comments on all of their social media platforms along with offering in-person customer service assistant in their stores.

Customer Service Comments on Facebook:


Last year,  Kohl’s even knew and immediately reacted to great video a Kohl’s customer posted to their own personal facebook page. Check out the great article below and watch the video that went viral and got more hits than the infamous blue/gold dress!

How a Chewbacca Helped Kohls…

Kohl’s Visits the Happiest Chewbacca:

Kohl’s Chewbacca Mom Goes Viral:

Kohl’s does so many great things as a company both online and offline to interact with their customers which I, along with thousands of others,  find fun and exciting and truly love the brand for.



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