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My goal throughout my multi-media class is to learn how I can help a company take an integrated approach to their marketing and ensure their brand message reaches their intended audience. Currently, I am working with an amazing company called Business Improv (BI) who brings improvisation techniques to the demanding world of business. BI creates customized programs to help professional organizations nurture and build the best human capital possible through their unique approach to corporate creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. Improv training can improve the way a team communicates helping leaders, managers, and executives better negotiate and conduct business.

This week to begin to create a multi-media marketing plan for Business Improv, I broke down three potential consumer profiles from their B2B target market. Copiously profiling a potential consumer profile will help BI better understand their clientele, what they are looking for how they should market to them. The three consumer B2B profiles for BI that I will be discussing today are 1) A Large Corporation’s Sales Department (J&M Consumer Products) 2) Corporate Executives and Managers  (Buzz Inc.) 3) Directors and Organizers of a traditional full-time MBA Program (UT MBA Graduate School of Business). Although all of these potential consumer profile names and “personas” are completely fictional, they represent and have the characteristics of real potential profiles of B2B customers for Business Improv. Take a look below at the consumer profile charts for each company, along with what characterizes each of these companies as great potential clients for Business Improv to market their services to.


Consumer Profile #1  – Company Sales Department
J&M – a large consumer products company, based in the US
Target within company – Sales department


The services of Business Improv are particularly beneficial to this customer profile because BI programs help companies improve the human capital of their sales force by teaching them how to “react, adapt, and communicate” in their everyday roles.  The program gives the sales force the tools necessary to handle unexpected business hurdles with their clients and their products.  With a sales force focused on consumer habits and time sensitive forecasting, it is vital companies prepare their teams to communicate effectively with their clients to help build professional, successful relationships that in turn produce positive sales results.



Consumer Profile #2- Corporate Management & Executives
 Buzz Automobile Company- Hi-Tech USA Luxury car Manufacturer
TARGET WITHIN COMPANY – Management Executives & leadership team 


For today’s business leaders, effective management is rooted in effective communication. Executives need to learn how they can positively influence people and that is done through communication, which is why corporate leadership is such an important customer profile for Business Improv to impact.  Unexpected “curve balls” aren’t just thrown in comedy improv, they are constant in the ever-changing business world also. Which is why Business Improv can be so beneficial to Executives. BI creates programs that foster cooperation, inspire adaptability, teach communication and foster openness to creativity, all qualities of effective leaders.  Business Improv can also significantly assist this particular customer profile by providing tactics to encourage creativity, motivation, effective brainstorming and help build open corporate cultures. BI can help give corporate executives the competitive edge to be effective leaders in a cooperative, creative, results-producing corporate environment.




Consumer Profile #3  – Graduate /Professional Programs
UT Traditional Full-Time MBA Program  with job seeking experienced graduate students
TARGET WITHIN COMPANY – Directors and Organizers of MBA Student programs


Graduate Directors and Organizers are always looking for great academic programs to make their students and school more unique and successful. Business Improv is actually a program that was created at one of the top business schools in the country, which is why this customer profile is a perfect match.  BI complements any graduate program that has career-focused students because it teaches behavior skills of how to interact and react to the business world. BI teaches students how to overcome “collaboration blockers”, adapt to obstacles, react to failure and foster a creative, positive environment. BI also teaches particularly useful interview and networking skills to help in the competitive job market. Graduate Directors and Organizers should be impressed by the positive results of students from Business Improv programs, making it easier to regularly secure the program as part of their curriculum. BI serves this customer profile because it provides an exceptional opportunity for them to achieve results by differentiating their program, helping their students succeed and find jobs, as well as improving their reputation and ranking.



Stay tuned for the next step in creating the ideal multi- media marketing plan for Business Improv………….

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