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This week in my multi- media class we take on the next step of creating an integrated marketing approach, advertising. Not just any advertising though, today I’ll be focusing on a fairly new, very specific social media advertising tool, Facebook Carousel Ads. I have been fairly impressed with Facebook Carousel ads, I think they are a quick, effective way to grab a customer’s attention. The fact that users can click or scroll through the ads without taking them away from what they are looking on social media I think is a huge factor of their impact and success. The platform to create the carousel ad is also user friendly and makes it easy and more affordable for companies to quickly advertise new product releases, features, or services.

To demonstrate the capabilities of Facebook Carousel ads, I will continue working with the company called  Business Improv (BI). BI is an amazing company that brings improvisation techniques to the demanding world of business. BI creates customized programs to help professional organizations nurture and build the best human capital possible through their unique approach to corporate creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. Improv training can improve the way a team communicates helping leaders, managers, and executives better negotiate and conduct business.

BI has a few different customer profiles that they might market to but today we are going to focus on the type of customer their business started with, MBA Graduate students. More specifically the Graduate Directors and Organizers who coordinate academic programs to help their MBA stand out and be successful. As I mentioned in my previous post, BI complements any graduate program that has career-focused students because it teaches behavior skills of how to interact and react to the business world.  The programs also teach particularly useful interview and networking skills to help in the competitive job market. Graduate Directors and Organizers should be impressed by the positive results of students from Business Improv programs, making it easier to regularly secure the program as part of their curriculum. Business Improv provides an exceptional opportunity for MBA schools to achieve results by differentiating their program, helping their students succeed and find jobs, as well as improving their reputation and ranking. MBA Directors and Organizers are normally active on Facebook with their own business profiles, as well as groups and pages for the University.

I created the Carousel ad in the way I did to grab the audience’s attention by speaking to something that MBA Directors and Organizers are constantly looking to do, differentiate their program. They are looking for creative solutions to educate their students both in and out of the classroom to ultimately get them their dream job. I originally showcased the ad in a setting they could identify with and then continued to gain their interest by changing the ad to show the natural progression they would like their students to take. MBA schools are rated on job placement statistics and it is one of the most important aspects that students evaluate when looking to attend a school. Therefore, job placement success is a very important topic for Graduate Directors and Organizers so I made sure the end of the Carousel ad showed that Business Improv was their answer to achieving such success. The daily budget used for this ad was $20.00 and the duration of the ad is 14 days, after that Business Improv might consider creating an ad that would target one of their other types of potential customers.


Carousel Promotion Information

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Link in Promotion:

Business Improv Carousel Ad


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Mobile Version:




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