Great Blogs on Fire!!!

 Some of my Favorite Blogs that are doing Amazing things Right now……..

1) The Small Things


My absolute favorite blog right now, is a fun lifestyle blog called The Small Things by a young  lady named Kate. I don’t read blogs very often, unless I am specifically researching something, then I read everything on the internet! A few years ago I was on the hunt for a quick and easy way to create my own bridal updo for my upcoming wedding festivities (engagement party, bridal shower etc.). While researching online I kept coming across videos with a girl who had amazing hair and styled it beautifully, it was Kate. Since she made the styles look too easy I was convinced that they wouldn’t work for a nonprofessional. I decided to give her tutorial a try and by the end of it I was hooked!!

Amazing Tutorials from The Small Things Blog


According to the classifications discussed in my Multi-Media Class, The Small Things is considered a semi-professional blog. The blog’s purpose has evolved over the years due to a huge increase in popularity. Originally, the blog was just used as a host for hair tutorial videos, over the years with Kate’s increasing popularity and curious followers, the blog has transformed to a full lifestyle blog but with a beauty focus. Kate describes the blog best in her about me page on her website.

“My blog is best known for the video hair tutorials that I started in 2011. I originally made them for my clients to reference, but after a pinning a few to Pinterest I learned that they were actually helpful to more people than I could imagine. Over 100 hair tutorials later, The Small Things Blog has become primarily a hair and beauty blog.-Kate, The Small Things Blog- About Me

Popular Easy wedding Hair post 


One of the things that makes the small things blog unique is, the personality of the blog, basically Kate. She has over 8 years of professional hair styling experience so she understands the craft, but most importantly she explains and talked to her viewers like they are her best friend. When you interact with the blog, it almost feels like your friend is there showing and talking you through the steps of how to style your hair. Kate explains everything that she does and uses, right down to the type of brush she uses and the brand of bobby pins. She then goes on to show step by step how to prep, style and finish the look. She also breaks down her style into separate parts and refers you to a different video if you are interested for example in the products she prepped her hair with or the makeup she is wearing.

She Makes it easy


Her overall blog approach makes it easy for the viewer to use, do, and understand her work which makes viewers excited to continually come back for more. These unique attributes really connect the overall brand which is all about making women feel good about themselves when dealing with the crazy world we live in. The Small Things blog helps women balance “doing it all” in life with short easy videos, tips and tricks, and overall great advice.

One of my favorite easy Hair Tutorials

These same attributes that the blog is based on is really what drives traffic, users trust the blog’s advice. They know where they can go to get quick and easy results when trying to figure out how to do something or just to have some fun. High results with SEO and IMC through YouTube drives traffic to the blog as well. If one searches for images of hair updos, multiple images of Kate, leading to her blog show up. In addition, when one searches on YouTube for specific hair tutorials or easy updos, The Small Things blog constantly shows up as a top result.

You Tube & Google Search



In addition, when you search online for the best hair blogs, The Small Things blog is always listed.

The Small Things Blog Listed on top maneaddicts list


The blog is very successful, especially per some of the characteristics we discussed in class this week. First of all, Kate always creates original content including hair tutorials, Q&A sessions, “in person” events, give aways, shopping lists and more. She also publishes posts often almost one new post every weekday! Lastly she makes it really easy to subscribe, follow and stay connected to her blog with active sign up links on the main page, social media icons permanently on the top, and sneak peek images from Instagram.


Honestly, I can’t say very much is missing from the blog, I guess having a main home page that was permanent would be nice to explain and welcome people to the blog. Other than that I would love to see her Makeup favorites updated soon, it seems to be the only “Kate’s Favorites” product list she is missing and I have been waiting for a while for her to update it.

July Makeup EXAMPLE


The Small Things Blog has multiple advertisers along with sponsors. The ads run along the right side column of The Small Things throughout the site. The blog also has sponsorships and Kate partners with brands to create, review, and feature products.

Advertisements on the site



Overall The Small Things blog is extremely successful, it is fun and exciting and does a great job of providing content their viewers are interested in and enjoy.

2) Lauren Conrad


Another blog that I absolutely love is Lauren Conrad’s lifestyle blog. My fascination with her, along with many other viewers, began over 10 years ago when she was a reality TV star from Laguna Beach and The Hills. From her popularity on the shows, Lauren went on to create an enormous brand based around her “posh” LA designer lifestyle. Lauren Conrad did the reverse of most celebrities and went from being a TV star to a star blogger.

Blog Home Page


Her blog is unique because it has amazing professional content but she is still easy to relate to. Lauren Conrad is just a regular young female living her life and doing the same things her followers are doing; she just has amazing style. Through stardom she quickly became a fashion icon and fans basically were begging to hear from her, so now she tells her story via a blog.

fun Relatable Postsmultipl-things-lc

According to this week’s lecture, the Lauren Conrad blog is characterized as a professional blog. She contributes her own content as the editor and chief but also has a large staff of contributing writers. She has multiple books, clothing lines, and sponsors philanthropic and fashion events, so there is always something to read about. The purpose of the blog is a young women’s full lifestyle blog and gives suggestions and creative ideas on everything from what to cook and read to how to DIY crafts and put on eyeliner.

Multiple Topics


The blog and brand is unique because they execute stories and research on such a large scale that everything always looks pristine and tried and tested. This is a reflection of the brand because they constantly document their research “in the field” with pictures and live interactions with followers. Lauren Conrad actually brings her blog content to life and sets up “pop up” shops with her clothing or book events where she interacts with her readers. This unique aspect of the blog brings the concept full circle and truly makes a name for the brand.

LC Paper Crown and Runway popups



These live reader interactions drive enormous traffic to the brand but social media interaction is what grabs the attention of even a greater audience. Lauren Conrad has a clothing line with Kohl’s that links to her blog, along with a personal fashion line called Paper Crown. She is also very active on social media and continuously publishes posts with links to her blog. In addition, when one types in Lauren Conrad into google, her blog is the first thing that comes up.

Other Websites with Blog Links


Google Search


Instagram Blog Mention


The blog overall is extremely successful and meets every “successful blog” requirement we covered in class. New posts are published constantly, usually one or two a day. She is extremely active on social media, she creates original diverse content, and makes it very easy to subscribe to and share her blog.

Social Media Links & Instagram


The one thing I think the blog is missing is an upcoming events page or calendar. Lauren Conrad is always making exciting appearances or hosting events and I think readers would really enjoy attending something if they knew in advance, instead of just finding out via a blog post.


The only advertisers Lauren Conrad has on the blog are ads from her own product lines, brands or sponsors of Lauren Conrad. There is not outside advertisement so she keeps the reader fully engaged in her brand the entire time they are on the blog and I recommend she keeps it that way.



Overall the blog is extremely informative and always shares something new and creative with its readers. I always love her Fall and October posts so I can’t wait to see what she has in store for the rest of the month!

October Posts I love




What blogs are out there that you are loving right now??????


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