Proximity Marketing in Today’s Mobile Society

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In today’s increasing mobile society, there are numerous benefits to using proximity marketing apps to promote a brand or business. One of the most outstanding benefits is additional free advertising. When a company convinces a user to “check in” on a proximity marketing app like Facebook or FourSquare, the customer openly advertises the business and often the promotion to all of their social media network connected to the particular profile. This does two things for companies, for one it widens their share of voice as well as markets to individuals they might not have had a chance to on their own. Secondly, it often promotes their product to a customer with similar interest to the one who “checked in” allowing the company to penetrate their target market without initiating the marketing themselves.

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Companies can also use proximity marketing applications to easily establishing a larger social media following and continually communicate to their customers. When customers “check in” they often have to “like” a page or join the company’s group which immediately benefits the company by increasing the number of customers they have to continuously communicate to. Another great benefit to proximity marketing applications is their ability to offset or supplement customer down times. For example, “Foursquare allows a merchant to load a deal or special at absolutely no cost to the merchant as long as the deal offers something of value to the user in exchange for a check-in. Specials can be strategically designed to bring traffic into your business during dead hours by placing time delimiters as a condition for the special (1-Trackers).” Using proximity marketing applications in this way can be a huge benefit to businesses and often times keep them in business through the valleys so they can make it to the peaks.

Wearables and Proximity Marketing

Wearables are another continuously growing and fascinating piece of today’s mobile society, but they aren’t just made to help you stay in shape or feel like Dick Tracy, they can be a huge asset to proximity marketing strategies as well. Wearables have the capability to put a message right in front of a customer’s eyes or draw their attention physically with a vibration without them ever having to look at their mobile device. Wearables influence proximity marketing strategies by forcing companies to create marketing messages that are compatible and will show up clearly on wearable devices.  Until technology advances further, this means that if companies want to market to customers running by their store with their Apple Watch or Fitbit they need to create a message customers can read clearly with a quick glance and hopefully influence their decision. In addition, “wearables have the ability to collect personal information such as biometric data, location data, spending data, and more “ (2-Clicker). These data collection capabilities majorly influence proximity marketing strategies by providing companies the information they need to market to their target customer at the exact time, place and way that will be most effective to influence the customer.

My Experience with Proximity Marketing

I am always interested in getting the best deal possibly whenever I purchase something, which is why I love proximity marketing. I gladly turn on my Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or open up a store app whenever I walk by a store. One of the most useful proximity marketing application offers that I love to use is Shopular. Anytime I am near a store that I have marked as one of my favorites in the app, I receive a push notification of coupons and specials. This is great for me because I have recently relocated and often times my favorites stores can find and send me a coupon before I have even found it! Most recently I was driving by the mall and received a great Banana Republic promotional coupon for women’s slacks. I needed pants for work and would have never thought of going there to pick them up if it wasn’t for the coupon!

Meet Shopular -- the App That Could save You Serious $$$     Meet Shopular -- the App That Could save You Serious $$$    Meet Shopular -- the App That Could save You Serious $$$

How Business Improv can use Proximity Marketing

One of the best ways my client, Business Improv, could use proximity marketing to their advantage in their marketing approach is through push notifications and check in incentives at trade shows or conventions. Since they do not have an actual brick and mortar location to attract customers to their services, they need a proximity marketing approach that can move with them and promote their services as they travel. This could be done in one of two ways or a combination of the two. Since they are already active on social media, particularly Facebook, when they are at a trade show or convention they could ask clients and participants to “check in” and “like” them on Facebook to receive a free swag bag or prize. Participants always love a free prize and when they check in on Facebook, they promote Business Improv’s services to their own social media network. This in turn could grab the attention of a fellow colleague at the convention or another friend in the industry who might also be interested in Business Improv’s services.  The second proximity marketing approach would be for Business Improv to create and send push notifications to potential customers through the trade show or convention’s own app. This would require Business Improv to pay a fee to the trade show for the services but would be advertising money well spent. This approach allows BI to grab the attention of customers who could greatly benefit from their services but might not know they exist. This proximity marketing approach allows BI to put themselves in front of their target market and sell their services at the opportune time and place, inside trade shows or conventions where participants are usually attending to improve their business or develop themselves.

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What other Brands have you seen using Proximity marketing to promote their business???




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