Content Communities : A Powerful Part of Your Marketing Mix

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How Content Communities Can Benefit Your Brand

Content Communities are an amazing tool for businesses to incorporate into their marketing campaigns. The possibilities are endless and allow companies to connect with their customers on a multitude of levels. Content Communities also allow brands to share a variety of content, ranging from photos and articles to videos and podcast. This is why content communities are so beneficial to a company’s marketing campaign, they allow customers to see, hear, and experience their brand first hand. By brands posting content through multiple mediums on one platform, they can post content that appeals to every type of their customers.

Why Users Love Content Communities

Content Communities are also great for brands and users because they often connect users to multiple pieces of content from the same brand, therefore promoting more of their products or services. For example, if a user watches a video on a brand’s you tube channel, they can see more videos from the brand in the side panel and the next video that plays is usually from the brand as well. As seen below, users can also browse through the “playlist” feature on YouTube to see a brands similar videos on a subject. Features like these on Content Communities make the sites enjoyable for users as well. If they are interested in browsing a topic they are continually fed information on the topic until they click elsewhere. Content communities are also easy and enjoyable for customers to use on their mobile devices which makes them even more accessible and popular among users.

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How content COMMUNITies are growing

Pinterest is a Content Community that I use regularly for extended periods of time and love. The app makes photos, ideas, and articles easy to find and save into virtual “folders” for easy access later. The app is extremely popular among women for creative and stylistic ideas. Pinterest has room for much larger growth and use though. Recently they have launched ad and purchasing capabilities along with a web browser extension that allows users to add content to their boards from anywhere on the internet. With capabilities like these, Content Communities play an important part in a brand’s multimedia marketing mix and have exciting potential for the future.

Take a look below at two different ways companies can use Content Communities to market their brand.

Business Improv YouTube Playlist

Business Improv Pinterest Board


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